Interested in bringing the NPRA to your Town?

     The NPRA has the ability to work within your budget to provide a highly entertaining  
     and exciting rodeo or a combination of Rodeo, Roughstock and Bull Riding events.

     Below is a list of an entire Rodeo Production Package. Our staff can customize your
     Rodeo Package to fit your needs.

     The NPRA . . .

     1. Will sanction your Event to attract the top contestants in the region
     2. Staff will process the Contestants Entries
     3. Has available, Website Advertising and/or provide a Link to your Website
     4. Will advertise your event in the Monthly Newsletter
     5. Will provide all of the Livestock necessary to produce the Event
     6. Can provide a portable rodeo arena
     7. Can supply a public address/sound system
     8. Can hire all qualified Rodeo Personnel

  • Announcers
  • Judges
  • Bullfighters
  • Pickup Men
  • Specialty Acts
  • Secretaries
  • Timers
  • Music Coordinator
  • Stock Handling Personnel
  • Arena Director
  • Opening Ceremony Personnel

     9. Can provide Liability Insurance
   10. Can provide Promotional and Advertising assistance

     Feel free to email us or call our office at (701) 663.4973 to discuss our many rodeo   
     production options and to check our availability.

     We look forward to working with you.